Portrait Commissions Info

Before I start the work, we will talk about what your preferences are for the portrait. This is especially necessary with more complex portraits. I only work from high quality photos, especially in the case of a painting. You can send these to me to be judged. If they are not up to my standards I will take them myself (of course we will decide together on the final photo). The price depends on the materials and the complexity and size of the artwork.

pencil drawing:
a5 (14,8x21) - €50
a4 (21x29,7) - €80

gouache painting:
17,5x27 - €90
27x35 - €130
36x48 - €180

oil painting:
Please contact me for an up to date price list for oil paintings.

+30% of the base price for each extra figure, +30% of the base price for a detailed background.

Payment in advance. Prices do not include framing and shipping.

Should the portrait have to be painted abroad, it is customary and expected for the customer to refund my travel expenses and to provide me with a place to stay and work.