Do you want to become better at drawing and painting? I teach using classical methods and techniques, the focus of which is to learn to see and to handle the medium. When mastered, these techniques provide a foundation for you to build upon and use as you see fit. By starting with relatively easy exercises that get progressively harder, the student is always presented with new challenges.

In most cases I will start with lessons in drawing. Drawing is after all the basis of painting. If you can't draw well you can't paint well.

The costs per person are €30 an hour. Students get a 50% discount.

Travel time (from Nieuw-Wolfslaar in Bavel) will be added to the teaching time. Of course, the student can also come to my atelier for the lessons.

The work below has been done by me over a period of 3 years at Atelier Stockholm. This shows the efficiency of the methods by which I was taught. The last still life (with the shells) I painted about 2 years after I started oil painting.