The Journey

I was born on the 3rd of March 1990 in Breda, The Netherlands. As far back as I can remember, I've been drawing. This came with a fascination for nature, history and mystery. I spent a large part of my childhood being outside. Another large part was spent interfacing with upcoming technologies such as personal computers and the internet. The experiences I had have shaped in a major way the direction I've taken with my work. When I was 17, I started on the long journey of learning the foundations to create art. During this time, I devoted a lot of time to self study, and connected with fellow art students through various online forums. This path eventually lead to me following the full time program at Atelier Stockholm, The Swedish Academy of Realist Art from 2010 to 2013. I and the people around me devoted incredible amounts of time and effort to bettering our technical abilities. A strong foundation is necessary for total freedom of self expression.  We also explored our imaginations, motivated each other to create better work, and discussed our interests with each other. Exchanges about philosophy, technology, history and of course art.

I went through some difficult years after finishing school. I needed to let go of a lot of ideas that weren't serving me anymore and change my way of thinking. Art needs to be an extension of one's interests, feelings, experiences and passions. A love for the process of creation is equally important. Looking back at what I had produced, I realized that the works I was most proud of followed those principles. I had emerged from the abyss with a new understanding.

The Vision

My work explores the existence of archetypes in our world and highlights the importance of venturing out into the wilderness; literal and metaphorical. To stay safe in familiar, comfortable spaces is the death of growth and passion. One has to venture from the beaten path and explore the unknown. Without and within. Visit foreign lands, explore nature, enter into altered states of consciousness, confront alien ideas and images.

Of prime importance is the necessity of immediate, personal experience to get closer to Truth. To not become a follower of some ideology, organization or authority figure. Otherwise, one would give away all one's power and authenticity; one's view of the world turns into a caricature.

In many of my works, I use symbolism to illustrate the processes that make up our world. I want my artworks to be portals through which perceptive minds are able to step out of their ordinary experience. The surface appearance must be attractive, informed with beauty and flow. Below that surface lie depths of meaning that are as deep as the viewer allows themselves to travel.